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Aging and Fashion

Opal Rockport & Corinne Safille

Aging and Fashion


Aging and Fashion…Do the two collide? Some people believe that you are supposed to dress your age but what exactly does that mean? I believe in today’s society fashion is a reflection of our attitude, personality or even feeling. Sometimes we want to dress up and sometimes we just want to wear our favorite T-shirt and yoga pants. But when it comes to age is there appropriate attire that one should wear? Should a fifty year old dress more conservative than a 25 year old even though they have the same body type? I think fashion is an extension of our free will. Our will to choose what to wear to demonstrate to others who we are or how we feel, not how old we are.

There are so many beautiful women of different ages and different body types that exude confidence and grace no matter what they choose to wear. I think a woman in her early twenties could rock jeans and a T-shirt as easily as a woman in her sixties. I believe it is all a reflection of who we are and not a standard of our age. In today’s society women are extremely conscious of fashion and style. They take care of their bodies and their skin. They are given so many different outlets of encouragement and support through social media to allow them to be themselves through the clothes they wear. Of course we have the internet trolls that always have something negative to say but the women who truly wear what they WANT don’t really care about the negative comments others have to say.

The internet has provided so many opportunities for a diverse sense of fashion. Men and women are not limited to just the clothes at stores but they have options to purchase clothes from all over the world. Clothes from different eras, cultures, style, colors, fabric and so on. We are living in an era were the possibilities are endless. We don’t have to conform to the styles featured in the magazine or fashion shows, we create our own style. We mix and match cotton with suede, lace with metal, spandex with pleather. We can wear white during the fall and black during the spring. We can create through fashion anything we want because we become the fashion designer of our own wardrobe.

So, at the end of the day does the age issue really matter when it comes to fashion? The answer is a hell no! Be who you are no matter how old you are. Be proud of your body, age and existence. Wear the clothes and fashion that reflect your personality and lets other know just how beautiful and special you are. Be your own mannequin and inspire other women not to conform to a robotic society where everyone looks and dresses the same. Those that are unique are the only ones that will always stand out!

About Author

Corinne is a writer, actress, dancer, designer and fitness instructor with over 15 years of experience helping women achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. She is also a full-time mom to three beautiful little girls and five adoring animals.