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Marriage and Fashion

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Marriage and Fashion


(6 months pregnant with 3rd child)

I love seeing those couples out and about wearing matching color or styles. I think it took a lot of thought process from both of them to want to color coordinate and match. Although it is important for everyone to portray their own individuality, it makes it a lot of fun when you and your partner decide to dress alike. Many people look at it in a corny manner but I honestly think it is kind of cute.

I for one, tend to dress my girls similar (although none are twins) and sometimes when mom or dad match too…it’s just unique to us. A lot of people find it weird that I dress my girls alike but I have a lot of fun doing it. They are all so little that they have not totally discovered their style yet. Dressing them the same saves me a lot of arguments as to who has the cool dress or shirt or jeans on. Believe me, when we go out I will get a lot of comments from people of how cute they look. And trust me when I say that many have asked if they are twins. Mind you they are all 2 years apart but for some reason, the height difference doesn’t seem to matter.

I think at times we are so judgemental of society that we don’t let people just BE. You may see a cool chic with a unique style about her with a guy that looks the complete opposite to her. Then you begin to mentally question yourself  “What is she doing with a guy like that?” I think we need to appreciate the couples that want to be similar AND the couples that have their polar opposite styles or personalities. Some men have embraced the GQ styles and want to be hip, stylish, well-put-together also known as metro-sexual. Others enjoy a t-shirt and jeans and would never consider a manicure even if you paid them.

If people, couples, families are happy with who they are as individuals or as a whole, we are no one to judge. We should look on to them with appreciation and admiration for making it work. For making their style reflect who they are and how great it all fits together.

As long as I don’t find my husband trying to fit into my clothes, I don’t mind him color coordinating with me when we go out. I think he does it because I have a cool style (or so that is what I tell myself :). And before I know it, my daughters will be wearing my clothes. I just hope they don’t discover my partying outfits from Miami…which reminds me, I need to burn those!

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