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SO Cal Wellness Event

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SO Cal Wellness Event



Corinne and I recently attended the SoCal Wellness Event hosted by SoCal Moms. Gilt City offered an amazing deal on admission for two for $30-Steal! We snatched the tickets up and waited anxiously for the upcoming evening which promised tons of goodies, interesting panel discussions, champagne and lot’s more.

Fast forward to the evening of the event…I opted for a simple and sexy black maxi dress, leather choker and my quilted Chanel purse which had yet to make its debut. We arrived to the backdrop of the Los Angeles skyline…different than most other mommy events we’ve attended that usually take place at a hotel or convention center. We weren’t deterred as the intimacy of the venue seemed like a fresh change of pace.

As we walked in there were some people still setting up and there was no clear direction given by anything or anyone as to where we should start. Should we sit down in preparation for a discussion? Do we start visiting the vendor booths? Where’s the infamous champagne? So, after exchanging quizzical looks we decided to do what any confident, driven person would do…follow someone who looks like they know what they’re doing.

When we finally arrived to the vendor booth area we were a bit taken aback by the small size, even though it spilled into three areas (two outside) it still looked underwhelming. We thought maybe we could take this opportunity to really engage with each vendor and get a good feel and understanding of their product/service.

Our theory proved correct…assuming the vendors actually wanted to promote their booth offerings, we were greeted with individual attention and an effective presentation. (Shout out to the SalonMom App) while others…let’s just say they seemed bothered by a mere glance at their booth.

Our ticket entitled us to one cocktail from the bar and there were goodies on display to nosh on throughout the evening. In addition to the usual mini product samples and food samples there were massage demos and a quirky photo booth. Surprisingly, there were not many vendors (if any) that were there selling their product on the spot. Our credit cards never saw the light of day. Win? Fail? I’m not sure.

The most interesting aspect was the panel discussion. In all fairness we only sat down and listened to one presentation…if someone came by afterwards and delivered the mommy equivalent of the Gettysburg we were not there to witness that and therefore cannot comment. What I will say about the panel discussion is this….yes, they embodied the perfect ensemble of an LA mom cast. They were well spoken, relatable and seemed to have their shit together. I was a bit disappointed with the purposeful lightness of the conversation. They talked about inbox clearing, nap time, mom clothes…basically things that were common knowledge among anyone with abdominal stretch marks. It was the light, pleasant conversation had between acquaintances at a park while your kids played. Not the insightful, authoritative, inspiring topics that would have left me asking those big questions about life and parenting.

I wouldn’t say this was necessarily a fail on the event’s part, it was just different than what I was expecting and hoping for. If you are in the area…you should check it out for yourself.

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