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Nordstrom Fashion event



The Nordstrom Spring Beauty Trend Show at South Coast Plaza promised the beauty obsessed a day of all things fashion and beauty. For the most part, I’d say they delivered on that promise. Tickets were sold in advance for $20 apiece, fully redeemable via a Nordstrom’s gift card distributed the day of the event. Word from friends who had previously attended recommended arriving early, a full hour early at least to be exact to get in line as fashion show seating was first come first serve.

As 3rd and 4th in line at 7am we were pleasantly surprised to find complementary coffee and pastries set up outside for waiting guests. When the doors finally opened at 8am we were each given a canvas tote bag filled with brochures of the event highlighting all the special offers of the day, a store map, water, snacks, and a sample bag filled with cosmetic and skincare samples. We took our seat (front row) and waited. The set up was small but nicely set up, with appropriate lighting, seating, backdrop, and an MC which conveyed the fashion runway effect very nicely.

The fashion show itself was brief as the spring looks were in between appearances by beauty brand ambassadors showcasing new arrivals and/or exclusive gifts with purchase available after the show. The highlight of the show had to be the beauty raffle that included product gift baskets from luxury brands, gift vouchers for spa treatments and more. We were disappointed that neither of us won anything but in fairness there were a lot of prizes to be won and many others were lucky enough to take home an ultra-premium gift. The show lasted approximately 90 minutes then we were unleashed upon the beauty counter. We were each given a pencil to jot down any notes or questions we had for the beauty associates which I initially did not think would be necessary. However, as it turned out it was indeed very helpful since many brands unveiled event only gifts, hard to find pop up boutiques and stellar deals that needed a tangible game plan to effectively navigate the event.

Appointments were made ahead of time to ensure you could get one on one time for any skincare treatments or makeup applications you were interested in. Some notable offerings included oxygen facials at Kate Somerville, Blue Algae Masks from Dr. Dennis Gross, a one day only pop up boutique from Christian Louboutin featuring their insanely beautiful lipsticks and so many more. It was busy, loud but still nicely organized amidst what appeared to be chaos.

At one point while in line to ask a question, I watched as a beauty counter manager had a makeup brush in one hand, a customer’s credit card in another and was gesturing another associate as to where she could find a customer’s foundation color match, all while looking flawless…I think that woman embodied the event. There was a lot going on and yet it was exciting, enjoyable and there was think sense of urgency in the air to snatch up anything and everything that seemed remotely appealing.

There was no mulling over several fragrance swatches, no thinking over an expensive skincare purchase over lunch, it was more “take my money now!” “I have to have that!” Several popular beauty products literally ran out and had to be ordered online…have you ever heard of such a thing happening on a random Tuesday at the beauty counter? Associates attention was fiercely fought over, and yes, I spend way more than usual because of the buzz in the air. So, congratulations Nordstrom it works, I spend tons of time and money at your store…and loved every second if it. I’ll be coming back for more next year.

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