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Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation.

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Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation.


I am usually very old-school when it comes to makeup compared to the new trends that have all these women looking flawless and quite frankly a little “The Same.” Women of all ages are now looking at YouTube and searching frantically on social media for videos on tricks of the trade to achieve the strobing, contouring, baking and every other new technique that comes around. For me, it is all so confusing. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it is all a beautiful work of art but why would I want to change the look of my face? At some point in time, I will have to wash my face and show the real me. Do I want people to freak out at what I really look like deep down inside the layers of makeup? I have had conversations with men who feel that women are completely overdone. There is no difference when they go out on a date to when they are working out at the gym. They even refer to them as “doll faces:” Big fake lashes, drawn in cheekbones, overdrawn lips and hair with perfect beach waves.  And they all look like this at 7 am.

For me, you always want to showcase changes to your makeup look but you don’t want to alter the look of your face. Why create drawn in cheekbones when you don’t have them?   I want to look and feel different when I go to an event as to when I go buy my groceries. I want to always have that element of surprise. Red bold lips one day, cat eyes the other and tired no makeup face when my kids drove me crazy the night before. You see, I was able to be sexy one day, playful the next and a witch the other…all with an element of surprise. If I were to be “doll face” every day my husband would freak out every morning.

But for the sake of this amazing blog, I decided to try a full coverage concealer and see how different that would make me feel and look from my regular light to medium coverage one. I went with Urban Decay because I am a dedicated advocate for putting money towards those brands that are cruelty-free and leaping bunny approved. At first, I was shocked with the coverage. You could not see one freckle or sun spot just pure flawlessness. But then I started to notice that after an hour my face still looked flawless but the wrinkles under my eyes were extremely visible. More visible than I had ever seen or ever wanted to see. I started noticing large pores and even though I put on an additional coat to the area, the pore was still there just now larger than before!? I couldn’t see one freckle on my face with the coverage but I could see every little line, wrinkle, and pore. Definitely not the look I was going for.

I continued the product trying different things such as adding a lot of moisturizers, or heavy SPF but nothing seemed to work. I could hide everything but my age and I actually looked older than when I didn’t have makeup on. It was difficult to test out the product but I did it for one full month. Then I became addicted to the coverage. Whenever I took the makeup off, I didn’t recognize myself without it. I started disliking my freckles, sunspots and overall pigmentation of my face without my full coverage on. I had never felt that way before because I had never hidden under such a thick makeup base. I got so adapted to the coverage that I could not be without it even as I saw the crackling of makeup under my eyes. But then one day my little girl told me that she didn’t like me with all that makeup on and I asked why and she stated because it didn’t show how beautiful I was. Every time she saw me it wasn’t the mom she was used to seeing. She liked my freckles because she has many of her own. She liked seeing my pasty white skin with large sunspots because in her eyes that is what made me beautiful and unique. And right then I remembered again how I felt about the layers of makeup on so many beautiful women who were just hiding the features that made them uniquely beautiful.

After my month use of Urban Decay full coverage makeup, I stop using it and went back to my light weight foundation. I am back to accepting all my flaws and acknowledging them as my true individual beauty. So there you have it, be happy with your face don’t try to fit in, just be you!

P.S. For those of you who might have been experiencing the same issues with this particular foundation, I went to Nordstrom to ask the Urban Decay counter their thoughts on why this makeup showcases their wrinkles and lines. The beautiful Doll Face girl said she has a lot of costumer’s share the same concerns but the trick is that you need to add a little oil to the foundation so it doesn’t crack under the eyes or lining of the mouth.

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