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The Facial Chronicles Part 1

The Facial Chronicles Part 1:



Today I got a good old-fashioned facial. No frills, no 24kt gold dust, no sea buckthorn just a facial, and it was great. If I had to compare my beauty diet to that of an actual diet I’d say that while a fire and ice facial might be like a flambé then a regular facial would be like oatmeal. Its basic and boring but good for you and you can find it everywhere. I’ve been getting my facial on since I was in my early teens, and while I’ve upgraded my spa experience considerably since then (no offense Jafra lady in my mom’s kitchen, love you) It’s still hard the beat the simple steam, the cleansing, the mask and the hurts so good extractions that I wish I could watch.

There’s many great at home product lines out there that can get you glowing, but the upward caressing of experienced hands is hard to beat. It’s not always instant gratification, sometimes I leave a little red and occasionally I need a day or two for my skin to recover from the purge that sometimes follows but what awaits is truly worth it. For the next couple weeks, I have this freshness to my skin, this dewiness and vitality that erases all signs that I still drink Coke on the regular. The famous “flush” that is so sought after does make an appearance for a few days, fleeting but it shows up as a reminder of what your body can reward you with if you take good care if it.

While its hard pressed to find someone, who doesn’t enjoy the revitalizing feel of a good mask or the silky, soft feeling of moisturizer it has come to my attention that some people are still hold outs when it comes to extractions. Why? It’s certainly not the best part and yes, some spots hurt like hell but if you can get past the twisting and turning of your nose so that your only option is mouth breathing then you leave with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve gotten a deep, delicious clean. If you don’t feel it necessary I assure you, you have plenty to extract.

I belong to a select group of individuals that find incredible satisfaction in going after blackheads and pimples with the fervor of a rookie ghostbuster. I can always find them and while it takes decades of friendship before “I’ll go there “with you trust me…I have marked them and want them gone. When was the last time you got a facial? If you can’t remember, it’s time.




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