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B12 and MIC Injections…when a double latte just won’t cut it

B12 and MIC Injections…when a double latte just won’t cut it


I used to think I knew exhaustion before age 20…my how foolish I was. I can’t remember if it was after my twins were born or maybe after my fourth child but at some point, I began to experience utter exhaustion almost every.single.day. I started becoming obsessed with finding that elusive pick me up, what started as regular lattes tuned into doubles, triples and eventually I realized I needed to go about this a different way.

Convinced I probably had a slew of vitamin deficiencies thanks to my former, horrendous diet of lean frozen dinners, zero-calorie frankenfoods and fat-free cheese (which makes me still wonder how cheese can be cheese without any fat) I thought it couldn’t hurt to get a B12 vitamin cocktail with a little MIC mixed in administered directly into my big ole butt cheek. I was told by the nurse that I should feel instantly energized, not a jittery fad-diet pill kind of energy but a clean, vigorous kind of focus that’s like a good night’s sleep in a vial. The MIC was a bonus, touted as a belly fat buster I did not hesitate to add it into my injection cocktail as I figure I can handle ALL the fat busting help I can obtain. Now, I don’t know if this is the most perfect example of placebo effect but quite frankly it doesn’t matter.

The mind has an amazing power and whether it was legitimately occurring in my physical body or it was mind power; I felt amazing. It’s like I added an extra 5 hours into my overscheduled day because I suddenly became so much more productive and with no side effects; I saw this as a win-win solution. Depending on who you consult the number of times you can get a B12 injection varies with some suggesting every week, every month or as needed. Since I believe moderation is sound advice when approaching anything I put into my body I’m more of an as needed person.

Each time before I travel, go out for a long evening or just need that extra boost I head over to my local med spa, pull my pants down and let the (surprisingly not that bad) pinch of the needle do its thing. As far as the addition of that MIC, I cannot say for sure how beneficial it may be because while I don’t have abs like Britney circa 2001 I also have been keeping the local breweries and chicken wing dives in business for the past decade, so the juries still out on that one.



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