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Steam Rooms and Saunas: Why this Spa Power Couple Should be in Heavy Rotation

Steam Rooms and Saunas: Why this Spa Power Couple Should be in Heavy Rotation


Whenever I visit a good spa for a treatment I never take into consideration the time that my actual treatment will take; it’s irrelevant to the total amount of time I will actually be in the spa. You see, depending on the amenities available I may very well make my 50 minute Swedish massage an afternoon affair. Most spas have either a steam room or a sauna, some have both and some, like the ones in major hotels have extras like snow rooms, mineral whirlpools and heated marble benches that are often overlooked. In this case I’ll focus primarily on the saunas and steam rooms which I prefer to experience before my treatment as it puts my mind at ease and begins melting away stress from the moment I arrive. The difference between the two heat sources is mainly that one is wet with high humidity while one is dry and arid.

The dry saunas heat up considerably more but I find that both have similar effects and really, it’s just a matter of preference. Sometimes, if my hair has gone to hell anyway I spend a whopping 30 minutes in the steam room. Deeply inhaling (if I’m lucky, the eucalyptus infused) steam. It’s fantastic for clearing up sinuses and opening up pores. I cool shower immediately afterwards gives the body an allover glow that is hands down, one of the best feelings in the world. If I’m scheduled for a facial treatment I love pre-gaming it with a serious dose of warm steam.

If, however, I’ve got a recent blowout that I’m attempting to salvage and/or a spray tan that I hope to prolong I stick to the saunas, where aromatherapy is typically not found but oftentimes infrared saunas are available offering proposed health benefits that I try to take advantage of when possible. Infrared saunas are said to boost circulation and relax muscles which is fantastic to unwind beforehand, I find it deepens the massage sensation and prolongs the spa experience to really elevate your relaxed state of mind. Typically, available as part of any treatment I oftentimes notice that for a nominal fee (around $25-$35) you can access the spa amenities a la cart.

No two steam rooms/saunas are alike as I’ve been pleasantly surprised to experience some ultra-luxurious private rooms as well as co-ed amenities overseas. (I usually go sans clothing however by the grace of good karma I was wearing a suit that day.) Next time you book a spa treatment be sure to ask about the extras, you might find a new favorite routine.

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