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I have always been a creature that loves to evolve and change but in paradox I never actually do. I have dreamed about cutting my hair short and going dark but once a few inches come off, I find myself internally screaming WHY!!!  Every time I have darken my hair, I immediately go back to blonde. I would love to try new and unique colors but I never take the full plunge. I think seeing the damage my at-home-dye box has done over the years (26 years to be exact) I have an innate fear of drastic hair color changes and how that could affect my strands. My hair barely grows as it is and the stringy, dry and damaged blonde hair doesn’t really make it look healthy or pretty. But blonde has always been my signature look; Is it because blondes have more fun? Or because such starlets and icons as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Harlow, Veronica Lake and Jayne Mansfield lite up the screen with their beautiful gorgeous locks?


But looking at all these new fun hair color trends that allow us to have pink, purple, orange, green  and rainbow colored hair I knew that this was one trend I wanted to try. I went to a salon and paid $50 for the colorist to put a product that put coloring in my hair without the use of any chemicals and I came out with pink hair. I loved the color but unfortunately it washed off the next day. I was so excited about my new pink hair but so discouraged after seeing the color just wash away.  I frantically searched the internet for products that could offer the same effect as the one at the salon without adding any additional damage to my hair. Through my search I discovered Overtone products:  A line of conditioners and deep weekly treatments that provide you with dramatic color. You can start with just the conditioner that slowly adds in color every time you wash and you can also add the weekly treatment for even more intense color. Once you are tired of the color, you simply stop using the conditioner and you wash your hair as you normally would. Within a few washes, your hair is back to its original color.


I was a bit skeptical after my experience at the salon but at $30 for 8 oz of the deep weekly treatment I couldn’t go wrong.  I washed my hair and added the hot pink weekly treatment which I left on my hair for about 10 minutes. I immediately saw my strands pink and my hair felt as if it was really being conditioned as well. I quickly dried my hair to see the final results and in deed, I had pink hair! I now use the product from time to time to change my look and will eventually try different colors to spice things up…now if only I could find a product that actually makes my hair look healthy or help it grow L!

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