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WW Fresh: Now I have no excuses left

WW Fresh: Now I have no excuses left



If you read my recent post about my tumultuous love affair with Weight Watchers, you know that things are…well…complicated at the moment. However, right before leaving my 2.5 year tryst I remembered I had pre-purchased a food voucher towards some of their new WW Fresh meals. Not wanting to let it go to waste I ordered a good sized assortment of breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks thinking they’d be perfect as a grab and go option for an upcoming trip. The website made ordering super simple and within a couple days a large, heavy box arrived at my doorstep with clear instructions on how to remove each food tray while leaving the box for next day pick up.

Each item was reasonability priced and the shipping straightforward. Each clear container was perfectly labeled with point values clearly marked; however, since I was no longer tracking these “numbers” did not apply to me and my eye roll could not have been more pronounced. The first thing I tried was a 5 bean salad with smoked paprika dressing. Now, as a seasoned diet food eater with a propensity towards convenience I was prepared to sacrifice texture, taste and overall nourishment towards the notable goal of one day buttoning my pants again, therefore I was shocked when the salad exceeded my expectations in all areas.

I won’t go infomercial on you and say it was amazing or that it was restaurant quality, however considering it arrived in a cardboard box and it was low in points it was pretty damn good. The veggies were crisp, the portion was substantial and the paprika dressing…let’s just say I was squeezing every last drop of its smoky, citrusy goodness onto my plate. The next morning, I grabbed the ham and cream cheese bagel with fruit on my way to work. It looked appetizing, like something I’d prepare myself the night before in a nice little container if I was meal prepping. You can’t really profess your love to a bagel unless you’re in New York but I will say it tasted exceptionally fresh. No weird condensation, no sogginess no change in texture, just a simple, yummy, light breakfast that had I been tracking would have been a fantastic start to my day. Next, I tried a mid-morning snack of a bean and cheese roll up with fruit and carrots.

With mid-morning being my hungriest time of the day this low point snack was hearty and filling and totally hit the spot. I’d go on about each meal but the theme would be the same; simple yet thoughtfully paired, quality ingredients, great texture and overall great taste. All these features wrapped up in a simple to use website with fair pricing and stellar customer service. Explain to me again why I stopped following the Weight Watcher program…ah why yes, because I enjoy self-sabotage and I am as stubborn as they get. Now I remember.

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