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Instant adulting courtesy of Chef’D

Instant adulting courtesy of Chef’D



As most of you have heard meal delivery services are having a big moment right now. I’ll admit the first time I heard about it I was intrigued yet skeptical and couldn’t figure out how fresh shrimp and chicken would be delivered to my doorstep without some nasty spoilage. I’ve tried a few different companies now, all of them having their pros and cons but Chef’D really stands out for a multitude of reasons. My first introduction to Chef’D started; why else…because they offered a Weight Watchers plan that seemed too good to be true.

BBQ chicken pizzas and decadent sounding pasta dishes all with low smart points sounded like a gluttonous dream. The selections were impressive, the prices reasonable and when I got my big, carefully packed orange box I unearthed a detailed and perfectly organized system. The directions and meal card included suggested wine pairings, point values and some cool information about your meal. It was like a simple puzzle; the directions were so detailed if you follow them EXACTLY its literally foolproof. (On a side note if it calls for minced garlic or medium-high heat there’s a reason, don’t stray and you can’t mess it up.)

It even offers plating recommendations; amazing. What’s even cooler is Chef’D offers a crazy selection of meals featuring Atkins, Runner’s World, celebrity chefs, options for a big crowd and the best part is you have the option of ordering without a subscription. Now for the most important part, the taste. Let’s just say I’m always impressed and oftentimes it exceeds my highest hopes. These meal services re-introduce me to culinary techniques I haven’t used in years (toddler cuisine rarely calls for wine reductions after all) fresh flavor combinations and forgotten ingredients that leave me feeling like an actual grown up.

It’s like training wheels for the kitchen, even though I’m a decent cook it takes all the guesswork and pressure off me so I can just enjoy. I don’t have to think about what sides I should make to complement the entrée, I don’t have to scour my spice cabinet for the right flavor profile and I don’t have to worry about should I broil or bake; all those decisions are made for me.

The result, literally every time is a good, solid meal with the right portion and great presentation that I can take credit for. On those days where I’m lucky enough to have a delectable Beef Bourguignon waiting for me to prepare all I have to do is put on my apron, pullout a bottle of Cab and I swear I feel like I have my life together.


To learn more click here : https://www.chefd.com/







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