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The Massage Table Of The Future!

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The Massage Table Of The Future!



A friend of mine recently took me to get a unique table massage from a new company that had just opened its doors in Irvine, CA. I was all on board because she mentioned two very important words: massage and free! We went after taking a yoga class and I knew that my Sunday had started on the right foot. We walked into this office that had “PLEASE BE QUIET” signs everywhere.  As I peeked into the room, I noticed several massage tables lined in sequence next to each other. As I was given the tour, I noticed another room with even more tables. Everyone was lying quietly with blind folds while their body moved in upward and downward motions. Everyone looked relaxed and at peace. I was so psyched for my turn at the table. I was asked to lie down and place the external projector on top of my abdominal. I was explained that the infrared heat from the projectors would help remove toxins from my digestive tract.

The actual massage table first went into a spine scanning mode where it measures spinal length and curvature; it then checked my pressure points and finalized it with a measure of my body’s pressure distribution.  Since it was my first time, she put the table on an automatic mode for 36 minutes. During those 36 minutes, the projectors would compress on one of my pressure points for 90 seconds and then release. There were areas that it felt amazing while others felt like I was in a torture room. It was truly a unique experience to feel my body being pushed away from the table and then back in alignment. If I had a long blanket over my body, I could’ve reenacted the scene of a horror film where the actor was being possessed by an evil spirit. Lucky for me, this was real life and I was being possessed by a thermal massager, and it felt great!

After the 36 minutes were up, the therapist returns to adjust your final 18 minutes. You have a choice of stretching your whole spine or a specific area that you feel needs more attention. I choose the whole spine because I couldn’t just pick one spot.  I left the office feeling so relaxed and blissful. However, the next day my lower back and buttock area felt like I had been in a booty fight of some sort. I felt these internal bruising which was the kneading of the machine on my tight areas. Apparently, I have a tight butt! Not sure if I should gush about this or not. The internal bruising lasted a few days which made me question when and if I would ever do it again. I’ve been told that the more you do it, the less bruising you will feel but I’ve been told that for other things as well…and those were all lies!!!  I will keep you updated if I ever revisit this thermal machine!

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