Lindora Part 3: Regular Menu Days

Lindora Part 3: Regular Menu Days

Lindora Part 3: Regular Menu Days

I am now well into my Lindora program and the results are exciting, but before we get to the good stuff let me remind you how difficult it was to get here. My last post focused on the soul wrenching, initial program week innocuously named protein days. I am now into what they call regular menu days which I was told would be easier. My verdict: yes and no….let me explain why. Menu days consist of your own selection of choices; you can choose from a combination of options, fresh food prepared at home from their list of approved lean foods, a direct, fresh meal service called Your Personal Chef, or a combination of both options with protein snacks in-between.

I was told that once a week I would still need to complete a protein day but the rest of the week I could go rouge; as long as I stayed under 50 carbs per day. I have never counted carbs before…remember I used to be a point counter, so this took some getting used to. I was a little overwhelmed but figured out my strategy fairly quickly; thanks to this Daily Action Planner they offer I was able to organize my thoughts type A style. Motivated by my fast results it became like a game to me, one where the challenge of organizing my day while adhering to the 50 carb or less rule left me with the grand prize of a waistline…I was all in. Monday through Friday would look like this: wake up to my Daily Action Plan, coffee and breakfast. Head over to my local Lindora clinic where I’d sign in, pee on my ketone stick and go into an exam room.

I’d get weighed, get a booster or lipo shot and discuss the previous day, upcoming challenges or any questions I had. Most days I had a loss, nothing major but very consistent. Only once did I go up, way up, over the weekend; 3.5 pounds of gluttonous goodness after a crazy weekend of fried rice, pepperoni pizza and loads of ice cold Coke. Only then did I get the Mom lecture, not annoying, not abrasive just a sweet, caring nurse reminding me of the reasons why I came in, asking why I strayed and asking me to commit to a plan to turn my indiscretion around.

The pep talk worked wonders and every day I felt a little better, the plan became a little easier and I felt a little more in control of my weight. The cons of the regular menu day? Well, I like structure and allowing me to choose my own foods sometime left me feeling nervous and co-dependent. As far as the monetary investment, every day they seem to have a new special- protein foods, booster shots, future programs, body contouring promos, supplement sales, you name it. I usually end up buying whatever it is they are currently featuring because I am seeing results.

I don’t know if my success is based on my consumption of the chocolate protein wafers, or if it’s the Pro-Lin supplement or the high fiber shakes at night, but when you finally see your body regaining its former shape and you feel on top of the world…do you really ask questions? No, you slap down that credit card and keep paying the lady because damn, it’s still cheaper than surgery.


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