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Suja Juice 3-day Cleanse

Suja Juice 3-day Cleanse


I’m currently in full detox mode. Yes, it’s widely debated whether a detox actually does anything on a metabolic level but regardless, the placebo effect is in full force. I feel so much better when I take the reins of my health and nourish my body with whole foods, practice meditation and complete a juice cleanse. I recently shared my experience with one of my favorites…the BluePrint cleanse, however just like I enjoy playing the field with my makeup and skincare; I also tend to stray whenever an appealing juice cleanse makes its way onto the scene.

I was shopping at a big warehouse club and was surprised to see this little cardboard cube of goodness. A 3-day juice cleanse with everything you need including a great guidebook all tucked away and waiting for you to grab and go. It couldn’t be easier, and since there was no delivery fee the price point per bottle was considerably less than most. I wondered if because of this purchase concept the juices could potentially be less fresh than the daily delivery companies, yet I applauded the effort to get juice cleansing into the mainstream, so I went with it.

There were three varieties of juices, the Suja Essentials Spicy Lemonade – a staple of any juice cleanse featuring cayenne, lemon and maple syrup.

The next was the Suja Essentials Green Greatness – their green juice was packed with apples, celery, cucumber, kale, collard greens, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, barely/alfalfa grass, lemon, and hints of peppermint and spearmint tea. This was quite an impressive list yet it was well-rounded and surprisingly sweet from the apples.

The final one offered was the Vanilla Nutz- almond milk, banana, coconut, cinnamon and vanilla. This one was smooth and silky and sweet. The interesting thing about this cleanse is that unlike most that exclude solid foods this cleanse incorporates balanced, whole foods into the cleanse so that the juices serve more as a snack/supplement to a light, nourishing menu plan.

It then made sense why this would be featured so commercially, it was essentially the training wheels for those who have never cleansed before. The booklet included suggested meal plans along with recipes. It offered options for grab and go meals and more complex dishes that included things like salads, breakfast bowls, snacks, and lettuce cups. The meal plan was simple and sound with all bases covered including non-vegan options and a shopping list for extra convenience.

I followed the plan exactly as suggested for three days, I loved the meal ideas and still incorporate them weekly as many I now know by memory. The juices were good, slightly sweeter than what I am used to but considering this was probably conceived to appeal to a broader audience I’d say it was brilliant. Whenever I encounter someone who is reluctant to do a traditional juice cleanse I always recommend this cleanse as a starting point.

Oftentimes after completing this 3-day fresh start and longer, more restrictive juice cleanse typically follows. My final take – any product/concept that incorporates  daily servings of things like avocado, quinoa, baby greens and almond butter is making major strides in collectively changing our eating habits for the better; good karma all around.

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