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Skechers Vegan Shoes Selections!

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Skechers Vegan Shoes Selections!

Who says that you have to sacrifice fashion in the name of veganism? I am really big on supporting companies that are cruelty-free, vegan or leaping bunny approved and it is so great to see so many brand names shifting the way they do their fashion and shoe lines. For instance, one of my favorite brands of shoes (especially athletic shoes) is SKECHERS!! How I love my Skechers! I love the comfort, style and the overall look of my Skechers shoes and I even got the family loving it too. I love how light weight they are and how cushiony and supportive they are during my workouts. I never feel as though I have shoes on!

How did it all get started, you ask?  During my search of companies that produce and/or manufacture some vegan shoes, Skechers was named. What I really loved about it is that the glues and adhesives used in their vegan shoes are water-based not animal derived. That is a definitely YES in my book. Now, I know that Skechers created some fuss with their 2012 greyhound commercial during the super bowl and how many animal organizations boycotted the commercial. I too disagreed with the choice to advertise the cruel world of greyhound racing; I don’t think such big companies should profit from the misfortunes of animals.

However, a few years have passed and Skechers has really been receptive to the needs and wants of those vegan/vegetarians looking for cruelty-free alternatives in an athletic and fashion footwear.  You can do a search for vegan shoes in the Skechers site and have 520 selections for men, women and children to choose from. I would say that it is quite the progress. And why wouldn’t these companies want to shift their mind frame? There is such a rise in people choosing cruelty-free, vegan, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and other such labels in the products that they consume or purchase.

It would only make sense for brand names to adhere to all these changes and provide the public what they want and seek. I am just so happy with the increase of awareness in today’s society and a number of people standing up for those that do not have a voice for themselves.


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