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The Spring Resort & Spa

The Spring Resort & Spa



I have two bucket lists; the want to list which consists of things like attending mass at the Vatican, swimming naked in the Dead Sea and getting inked by Mr. Cartoon. Then there’s the should do list: this lackluster ensemble includes things like set up an IRA, wear my retainer every night and visit a natural mineral spring. I recently got my chance to check off an item from the former, when I stayed three days at the Spring Resort & Spa in Desert Hot Springs. My goal was to complete one of their highly structured, special health programs, complete with guided fasting, yoga and all sorts of enlightenment.

However, knowing my husband and his love for nicotine, pastries and freedom- I didn’t press my luck. I sold it to him as a way to unwind, a romantic weekend getaway for some much needed R & R. We arrived in Desert Hot Springs to a small, quaint hotel. The retro vibe was different than what were used to but was perfect for the Palm Springs backdrop. With thirteen rooms encircling the main mineral pool, and several guests napping/meditating, I immediately picked up on the Zen. Our room was small, minimalist but serene and inviting. There was no TV; only a music player; small sized tub/shower and unique bath amenities like Soap Rocks.

We were escorted around the property, the spa was a short walking distance away with a sauna available to use anytime. There was a living area that included lemon water, assorted teas, fresh fruit, reading materials and a vibration machine (yes, really.) The pièces de résistance however were the three mineral pools of varying size and temperature. I immediately jumped in, strategically planning the perfect balance of swimming laps and relaxing soaks while going from cool to warm to hot and back again. I envisioned my body soaking up the beneficial minerals, I fantasied about the glowing skin and lustrous hair that I was sure to have by the end of the weekend. While I thought I just might swim into oblivion until nightfall, my husband reminded me it was only 3 pm, it was over 100 degrees outside and he was hungry.

I changed into my clothes, relishing in the novelty that I didn’t have to rinse the nasty chlorine off and proceeded to find something to eat on the property. I was told they had wine available and a cheese and nut tray. (which I ended up trying later and was indeed fabulous.) However, for the purposes of an actual dinner they had no options; but suggested nearby restaurants only a few minutes away. When we returned we visited the spa for a deep tissue massage. The massage met my high expectation and was performed by a wonderful woman whose technique was more function that frills and perfect for the setting.

The next two days were a repeat of day one; most of the time was spent, napping, swimming, getting spa treatments and relaxing with occasional breakaways to find food. There was poolside yoga on the lawn every morning that I said I would attend but instead admired from my room as I fell into this ultra-meditative stupor. I did in fact, leave refreshed and rested and enjoyed my time there. I don’t know if I’d return simply because it wasn’t all inclusive and breaking away from the serenity to venture into the grittiness of town killed my vibe. Still, the resort was a solid choice if you are looking for a mineral spring and spa experience.

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