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Diamond Water: Yes, this is a real thing

Diamond Water; yes, this is a real thing


I love unique things. If it’s one-of-a-kind or just looks that way I snatch it up and ask questions later. While on a recent shopping trip I came across the coolest bottled water I had ever seen. (Ok, I know bottled water is soooo over and canteens are king but still.) In the bottled water world where Voss is Vogue and supermarket brand is Woman’s World…this, has got to be Allure. What first caught my eye is the packaging; this sleek design with a faux-diamond shaped bottle cap was insanely glam.

I thought the diamond water name was just that…a clever name to go along with the packaging. I didn’t expect the water to contain ACTUAL DIAMONDS as so stated on the label; but then again it says “enhanced with actual diamonds, soooo maybe? At this point I was beyond intrigued and without knowing much about the science behind the claim I thought that at the very least if this water contain diamonds it was sure to be a girl’s new best friend. (See what I did there? J ) The premier feature is that this brand is alkaline water, there’s no dispute there, as it is well documented that alkaline water can be beneficial to balancing the body’s pH and at a 9.5 pH that’s an overall a good bet.

Oddly enough, the benefits of the added diamonds are nowhere mentioned on their website; one would think that this special feature would be the most discussed characteristic. After some research I found several references for $100,000 diamond-infused cocktails beloved by hip-hop artists that have real diamond dust; so either I got a killer deal or this “diamond infusion” was in reference to something else entirely. You can imagine my disappointment when sure enough, my fears were confirmed. No, I would not be blinging out my micro-gut flora by drinking Diamond Water.

The diamond infusion actually refers to “diamond energy” WTF! Evidently, this water’s reference to diamonds is only in the spiritual sense and upon further research I felt quite foolish thinking I could see the faint shimmer of sexy diamonds floating around the bottle. A nod to the power of the mind as I swear drinking that thing left me feeling like I had stumbled upon a rare and precious beauty find reserved for the elite.

Come to find out this particular brand has been around for a few years now and obviously I am an old soul that knows nothing of pop culture or what the hipsters are doing. So there, what I bought for $4.99 was a big bottle of (pretty tasty) alkaline water in a pretty awesomely designed bottle. Real diamonds for less than $5…too good to be true.

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