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Dry/Wet Brushing The Vegan Way…

dry skin brushing

Dry/Wet Brushing The Vegan Way…



Dry brushing is a holistic approach to health that has a negative impact on your body and 100 % positive results. Dry brushing is a way to help increase the circulation in your body, smooth your skin and helps eliminate the look of cellulite. It is also known to help a weak digestive system, a sluggish immune system and it can also stimulate your lymphatic system. Dry brushing involves a bristle brush in which you brush your skin in the direction of your heart starting at your feet with long strokes to help increase blood flow towards the heart. Avoid going back and forth on the same area as this can lead to sensitivity or bruising. Also when you are dry brushing your stomach area, make sure you go counterclockwise in that specified area. You usually do this on dry skin before you shower but I have found great benefits of also doing it in the shower.

What I usually do is that I dry brush before I step into the shower and then wash off all that flaky skin. I then take my regular shower which involves very HOT water and minutes of bliss where my mind takes me where my body physically can’t :). Once I am done, I turn off the water and then I lather my vegan bristle brush with some coconut oil and I wet brush my whole body. No need to rinse off since the coconut oil leaves my skin silky smooth and the wet brushing helps to stimulate even more blood flow. It is truly a win-win for me and you will start noticing a difference in your skin as well with consistent brushing!

Now on a personal note, I like to use a Vegan bristle brush because most natural brushes are made of boar, badger, horse or squirrel  which come from unregulated fur industries and usually require skinning 🙁 Since I am doing something holistic for myself, the thought of using an animal’s hair (which probably suffered) to brush my body makes me cringe! Luckily for me and those that like to use vegan/cruelty-free products, there are more and more companies providing us with such products and services. If you do a wide search on the internet for Vegan Dry Brushing, you will get a few companies that provide this product. And even if you don’t want to use a vegan brush, just try the Dry/Wet brushing method. I promise that you will see amazing results!



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