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Bath & Body Works, You’ve Come A Long Way!

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Bath & Body Works, You’ve Come A Long Way!



During my younger days, there was this small but popular mall in Coral Way (Miami) that became the happening spot for teenagers to attend during the evening. If you were a teenager and were there without a parent supervising you, then you were part of the “In-Crowd”. My besties and I would beg our parents to drop us at this mall. We would pretend to be utterly bored at home moaning or complaining until they got tired and dropped us off. There were even times we would sneak different clothes into our purses and change in the malls downstairs bathroom before making our entrance…oh, those were the days.

The mall had a lot of small yet cool and popular stores but only a few still exist today.  One of those little stores is none other than Bath & Body Works. Now, when you think of Bath & Body Works you envision creams, lotions, candles, hair care, oils, scrubs, wax melts and warmer, room sprays and mist, car scents, face care, men’s fragrances and the list goes on and on.  But back in the 90’s the store had a completely different vibe to it. It almost felt like you went into a cute little country store with wooden barrels and fake hay which displayed the few unique scents in their collection. I remember the first time I walked into that store and fell in love with scents like Plumeria, Sun-Ripped Rasberry, Country Apple, and Peony. Of course, they had a few other fragrances which most of you (the younger generation) only know of because they relaunched them again. Think Cucumber Melon, Juniper Breeze, White Tea & Ginger, Cotton Blossom, Mango Mandarin, Freesia, Pearberry and Brown Sugar & Fig. That store was completely the opposite of what Miami lifestyle was about but the cute, wholesome and country feel made everyone feel cozy and special. You felt like all the creams and body splashes were “homemade” with real earthy ingredients and with great care. The products even use to be “cruelty-free” although that has obviously changed throughout the years with the demands of stores opening all over North America and internationally.

It is truly so incredible to see how this store has become so popular that people started to have a social media frenzy when they heard that fall candles were going to be released in stores during early August. Everyone’s home smell like pumpkin pie or pecan pumpkin waffles while there is a scorching 98-degree heat outside.  I mean I don’t blame them, as I was one of those that went out there just to get my hands on a few fall candles….gotta get them while they’re hot and on sale. I am also one of those that stock up like many of you with the seasonal fragrances and creams. My husband buys me every Christmas enough Vanilla Bean Noel to last me all year long as he knows that my signature scent!  🙂

Bath & Body Works has definitely come a long way from its humble country beginnings to being one of the world’s top specialty shops and brand.

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Country Apple & Sun-Ripped Rasberry will always transport me back to amazing memories where sisterhood and giggles reigned in our hearts.

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