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Purple Shampoo

Purple Shampoo


As most blondes know it’s a battle to keep things looking fresh and even-toned. Going light can pull gold tones, red hues, and that dreaded yellow-orange that keeps most brunettes apprehensive. Once you’re lucky enough to get to the finish line it doesn’t stop there, maintenance is killer as the onslaught of hard water, UV, chloride and overall wear leaves even the coolest blonde brassy over time. That’s where purple shampoo comes in; no longer an insider secret it never ceases to amaze me how with just a simple wash my hair can come back to life.

The last few days before my color appointment leaves me with few options except French braids and messy updos; that’s when my purple shampoo saves the day.   The first brand I ever used was Clairol Shimmer Lights. Available through beauty supply shops this bright, vividly purple shampoo is an essential part of any blonde haircare routine. Pricier than the average shampoo it quickly became worth its weight in gold as a little goes a long way with very little effort. I typically use it after a good cleansing from a regular shampoo as deep cleansing the roots has never been purple shampoo’s main objective.

After saturating the lather all over my hair I let it sit for a minute or two. (Fair warning, using it too often or leaving it too long will leave you looking Lady Gaga Grey) The rinse is a sight to behold indeed. Your shower will look like Barney meets Scarface with a chainsaw…luckily it rinses away from tile and porcelain; towels however will cease to be the same once used for drying. That’s typically enough to get the job done.

I once splurged on the set; both shampoo and conditioner however truth be told the shampoo worked wonders enough to where the conditioner did not make a noticeable difference. I’ve dabbled in other brands, some even ranging $45-$60 a liter but even those didn’t work as well as this brand. If you’re in to instant gratification this is one beauty find that won’t disappoint.


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