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Cute Booty Lounge Fit Party

Cute Booty Lounge Fit Party



We all have our best physical feature…gorgeous gams, a killer smile, Texas-sized breasts that stop traffic. If you’re blessed with butt you’ve have one hell of a decade. Thanks to the Kims, Ambers, Blacs and Cocos dominating our newsfeed; we know without question this is the era of the ass. Having a big butt has its pros and cons, but once embraced you learn to shop for dresses and bottoms that showcase your asset to give it the perfect balance of curve and sensuality without being vulgar.  Easier said than done; which is why I’m very partial to specific brands who understand the booty and specialize in the perfect fit.

That’s where Cute Booty Lounge comes into play; an LA based clothing company specializing in workout clothing, shorts, leggings and select pieces that embrace the beauty of curves. Now, I know the word curvy is being thrown around in pop culture left and right but to me to really understand curvy you need to understand the silhouette of women of every shape and size. I was contacted to be part of a Fit Party hosted by Cute Booty in order to update their sizing guide. I jumped at the opportunity because as a customer I already trusted the brand and loved their styles so any help I could give to allow them to continue their vision seemed like a good time to me.

Walking into their office, I was greeted by their staff and founder, Kelly Nishimoto who warmly invited me in and told me to help myself to food and champagne while I mingled with the other girls who had been selected to model their leggings. There were women of all ages, races, body shapes and sizes. After filling out some info we were weighed, measured and asked to try on a two piece workout set. While waiting for each girl to take her picture I noticed that their XS to XXL size range literally fit every girl there and fit every girl beautifully. From petite, small framed beauties to athletic goddesses and everything in between, the cut of the leggings flattered everyone.

Some adjustments were made to accentuate or hide what we each perceived to be our “favorite features, and less than favorite features” but once we got in front of the camera, every girl looked on point. The higher waist band, designed with graphic prints or patterns was meant to be seen…and with good reason, as the waistband hit the perfect spot on a woman’s body. The whole process was relatively quick and felt more like a group of girls chatting at a party than productive work. Yet, before we knew it the pictures were finished, everyone had been measured, and we left with a new pair of leggings as a thank you for our time.

This was the first time meeting Kelly Nishimoto and let me tell you, if there was ever a definition of #likeaboss it would be someone like her. She was inviting, warm and accommodating; yet her productivity and focus never wavered. Everything she did had an intention and goal, yet she multi-tasked and socialized and had fun while getting it done. I briefly met some, beautiful and awesome women and left with an even bigger girl crush on Cute Booty Lounge than I had before.

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