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Beauty Corinne

Sally Hansen Nail Strips

Sally Hansen Nail Strips     I recently purchased Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips because I was tired of having chipped nails after two days of application. It didn’t matter if I had purchased expensive or cheap nail polish, the end result was always the same. I even had a bad experience with …

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Beauty Makeup Opal

Sephora vs Ulta

Sephora vs Ulta Mayweather’s recent boxing match left little to the imagination when it came to choosing sides. Everyone I asked felt very strongly about the fight and who they were certain would win. Not all competitors draw such fierce loyalty especially with beauty brands. I myself have shared that I play the field with …

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Opal Wellness

Chromotherapy: Color for your Soul

Chromotherapy: Color for your Soul   My love for infrared saunas and therapeutic sweats are well documented. I recently added yet another layer to this experience and it definitely takes it to the next level. It’s chromotherapy; AKA color therapy….simple, effective and widely-underutilized. Up until now my knowledge of color therapy centered around modern interpretations …

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Movita Juice Cleanse

Movita Juice Cleanse   A lot of people show apprehension when it comes to juice cleanses; frankly, I don’t blame them. Until you complete a juice cleanse in its entirety you don’t realize just how great it feels…AFTERWARDS. The time during any cleanse is rough and while three-day cleanses seem pretty achievable for most there …