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Oxygen Bars and other First World Pastimes

Oxygen Bars and other First World Pastimes



Oxygen bars have been around for a while now, their novelty factor long worn off yet they continue to endure. They are still in business because of people like me who know better than to believe pseudo-science yet can’t resist that little oomph from a 15-minute session. Low risk/high (presumptive) reward; this is what oxygen bars and businesses like them thrive on. It is generally accepted knowledge by most medical practitioners that a healthy person doesn’t really need and can’t really benefit from taking in pure oxygen for any amount of time.

Oxygen saturation in a healthy adult is typically in the upper 90’s and in most cases, can’t be improved, therefore the inhalation of concentrated, pure oxygen at 40% (typical for an O2 bar) has little if no benefit on paper. Medical professionals warn that in some cases it may even be harmful; however passionate O2 inhalers still survive. I’m one of these people…I don’t feel I need it enough to go in search of one but whenever I find one I can’t help but make a detour for a quick 10-15-minute session. Here’s why: the price point is typically reasonable, $20-$25 for a unique experience is worth the try.

It’s usually set up to allow you comfortable seating and prompts you to relax and inhale deeply oftentimes with added aromatherapy; this may in fact be why it’s worth it because how often do we take a quick break from our day just to relax and focus on breathing? In some places, they include a scalp and/or back massage (usually as a precursor to an upsell) but still lovely and relaxing and does help with the whole Zen thing. Most often than not I’m left feeling refreshed, slightly energized and like I just had a power nap.

I’ve been told that regular O2 sessions can help with allergies, congestion and general fatigue although how much of that is placebo effect or simply a byproduct of relaxation who knows. Bottom line, if you happen to come across an oxygen bar its worth a try; at worst, it’s a one time experience that forces you to take a time out, best case scenario you experience added benefits and keep coming back for more.


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