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Spray Tan: Instant Glow

Spray Tan: Instant Glow


For me GTL didn’t end at the shore. Nowadays the gym portion (and laundry) are oftentimes negotiable however the tanning portion is not. I was a fake baker in my late teens/early twenties. I proudly developed my “base” tan in record time followed by upgrading to the most awesome sounding luxury tanning beds with names like Malibu Gold Xtreme and Brazilian Bronze XL. The overpriced lotions with glitzy packing only added to the allure of the experience. I finally stopped in my mid—twenties driven by the fear of wrinkles and crepey skin not (foolishly) by fear for my safely.

My father’s recent melanoma diagnosis with subsequent removal of the malignant mark (all successful btw) left me worried, ashamed and guilty of all those years chasing the glow. I don’t condemn bed tanners because I totally get it, yet if my daughter thinks she’s going to get me to take her to a tanning salon at any point in her life she’s in for a rude awakening. Here’s the silver lining, I can almost get the same satisfaction from bed tanning by spray tanning, especially if done correctly.

Spray tans are everywhere, mobile tanners who can come to your home or office, Mystic spray tan machines available at most indoor tanning salons, at-home products utilizing all sorts of techniques. The goal is the same with every modality- get a beautiful, even, natural looking tan that looks flawless without the damaging effects of UV rays. I’ve tried all these methods and my go-to is custom spray tans done by a professional. The products they use are typically buildable, good-quality and develop faster than most other methods. The spray gun used ensures even coverage and let’s face it; it sometimes takes someone else to help get all those hard to reach spots.

A good spray tanner can also contour effectively, leaving you not only shades darker but creates the perfect combination of darker and lighter areas so it looks like the sun hit you at just the right angles. As with most beauty treatments preparation is key. A good body scrub followed by body wash and close shave with no lotion, fragrance or deodorant applied afterwards ensures the best results. Seasoned spray tannees always have a designated “ugly tan outfit” that fits loosely with no bunching ensuring no weird rub off spots develop.

An evening of unnaturally dark and orangey skin with an uncomfortable stickiness is the price you pay for a beautiful golden glow after showering the next day. My spray tan usually lasts 2 weeks, gradually fading as opposed to coming off in sections. I typically get a spray tan before a vacation or big event, although if time and money weren’t an issue I’d been getting these done on the regular. For some, bronze is just not their look of choice, but for those who seek that elusive bronze glow in their life a spray tan is worth putting in rotation.

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