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Fall Fashion Greatest Hit: Animal Print

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Fall Fashion Greatest Hit Animal Printnt


You know what gets me uber excited about this years fall fashion trends…you guessed it, Animal Prints. This is definitely one of those moments where I concur with the fashion industry. Animals prints are sexy, fun, loud in a look-at-me kind of way.  I love EVERYTHING about animal prints which is why I have always wanted my mom to design a whole line exclusively on the print. Don’t get me wrong, she has added animal prints in some of her maxi-dresses but not to the full extent of what I would like.

I would like to see jumpsuit, rompers, shirts, shorts, jeans, pants, lingerie, shoes, scarfs, hats, and handbags all with a variety of animals prints in fabric that is not in any way made from an animal. I would use vegan leather, modals, lycra, lace and any other fabric that gives the appearance of class, royalty and sex appeal. Maybe I will one day have my own animal print line in stores with a focal emphasis on feline patterns such as tigers and leopards but for now, it is only a dream.

Many have asked me why I am so obsessed with that type of print but those people clearly don’t really know me. To know me is to know that I love any type of animal but I especially adore the felines. I have a fascination with tigers, lions and any type of cat really. I have always had cats and dogs and currently, I am a mom to three cats and two dogs. I love all my animals equally but there is something about my cats that just intrigues me.

I love their independence, attitude, cleanliness, and affection and when you look at the king of the jungle.. it defies pure regal beauty.  In my mind, wearing these fascinating animal prints is in a way a reflection of this magnificent animal. You feel powerful and sexy, naughty and alluring, sophisticated yet dangerous and just plain beautiful.

Any type of woman can rock an animal print as long as you pair it properly. Usually, colors that look amazing with a leopard or tiger print are: red, black, white, beige,  brown, magenta and blue jeans but you can really combine the print with any color and still look amazing. I truly can’t wait until September 22 to start wearing my collection of animal print clothes…okay you busted me, I already have worn a few items but who can blame me!


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Corinne is a writer, actress, dancer, designer and fitness instructor with over 15 years of experience helping women achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. She is also a full-time mom to three beautiful little girls and five adoring animals.