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Freshly Meal Delivery

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Freshly Meal Delivery


My love of all things convenient continues with Freshly meal delivery service. Unlike most other fresh meal delivery services, Freshly offers individual meals already prepared with no need to clean, chop, prep or cook. Each container is a decent portion of food expertly combined with the flavors, textures and taste combinations you know and love.

Nothing overtly fancy here but definitely a step up from the usual microwavable, shelf-stable meals. It does recommend plating the meal to ensure it heats evenly and for better presentation but that’s where the work ends. In 2- 3 minutes you’ve got a hot, fresh meal in front of you; high in protein, balanced, and pretty damn tasty. I tried the Steak Peppercorn with Sautéed Carrots and French Green Beans. Well-seasoned steak in a rich gravy with nicely peppered veggies.

The downside…this solid meal was victim to the effects of the microwave, slightly overcooked veggies and overly done meat- a byproduct of the recommended heating method. The sad thing is I’m fairly certain it was cooked to the right texture before packaging. The Buffalo Chicken Breast with Loaded Cauliflower was the unexcepted winner. A true, tangy Buffalo sauce smothered chicken breast, tender and without any weird aftertaste with what looked like loaded mashed potatoes you’d get from any great sports bar. Lo and behold the smashed cauliflower was delicious, the texture very similar to mashed potatoes and the flavor profile spot on. The Shrimp Scampi with Long-Grain Rice held lots of hope but didn’t quite deliver.

The balanced citrus and sweet flavor of the sun-dried tomato and artichokes were great but again, the perfectly cooked shrimp once nuked turned into a rubbery mess. Finally, the Homestyle Breakfast Platter with Potato Hash and Sausage Patty was a hit and miss. The potatoes rivaled any country dinner with its rich, black pepper taste and the sausage patty was savory, salty perfection. The omelet with cheese was watery and bland, it’s got to be a re-heating issue as you can tell the foundation of the meal itself was delicious.

High-quality ingredients, great menu options, and high protein; if only we can figure out how not to destroy all that goodness with the microwave we’d have a solid winner. I’ll still try it again as it proves convenient and great mid-week, it proves ready-to-go meals sure have come a long way.


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