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Movita Juice Cleanse

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Movita Juice Cleanse


A lot of people show apprehension when it comes to juice cleanses; frankly, I don’t blame them. Until you complete a juice cleanse in its entirety you don’t realize just how great it feels…AFTERWARDS. The time during any cleanse is rough and while three-day cleanses seem pretty achievable for most there is one other option…the one-day cleanse.

Some hardcore fasties will say that a one-day cleanse won’t do much and they are probably right but the truth of the matter is ANY amount of time you spend pumping your body full of vitamins, live enzymes, clean foods and lots of liquid is more beneficial than just another day of donuts and enchiladas. This is where the one-day cleanse comes into play, a short, sweet cleanse that’s very doable and ultra-easy even for commitment-phobes.

I tried this cleanse at my local Movita Juice Bar but the concept is so simple you could probably put one together yourself by choosing five of whatever offerings your local juice bar has that fit the one-day cleanse concept. Movita’s cleanse was amazingly convenient, a quick call the night before ensures that your five, expertly picked juices are ready for pick up first thing in the morning; each neatly numbered so it’s foolproof. Along with instructions and tips, I also got a little emergency snack pack.

This snack pack included freeze-dried fruit, nuts, and seeds that I was told to dig into ONLY if I had a crazy craving that would not subside. I really liked that detail, as many people who have tried cleanses and failed say that not having the option to chew anything solid left them irritable and anxious the first day of a cleanse. The juices they chose are as follows:

  1. The Starter Juice: Beets, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, cucumber, celery, green apple and pineapple create an addictingly yummy juice that’s both sweet and a little savory and great for mornings.
  2. The Pillar: Orange, kale, pineapple, protein powder, green apple. Serious sustenance to power through your mid-morning hunger pangs.
  3. The Spark: Green apple, spinach, kiwi, chia, celery, pineapple, cucumber and kale. A powerhouse green juice that makes you feel energized and quenches your thirst like no other.
  4. The Endurance: Carrots, ginger, green apple, cayenne, pineapple, cinnamon and celery. A surprisingly sweet combination that is perfect for an early afternoon pick me up.
  5. The Achieve: Green apple, oranges, pineapple, kale, cucumber, celery, and wheatgrass. A balanced finisher that’s great for evening…alkalizing and satisfying.

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