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The Beauty Of Female Friendships

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The Beauty Of Female Friendships


I know as bloggers we are supposed to write about exciting products, events, celebrities and up and coming information but at times it’s just nice to write about the real things that matter in life. Last night I was watching the movie Rough Night about a group of college friends that reunite ten years after graduation to celebrate the bachelorette party of Scarlett Johansson character in Miami. Looking at this movie reminded me so much of my experiences with my best friends in Miami (sens the dead stripper and robbers :))and how wonderful my life was because I was surrounded by such amazing women. We all met in elementary school and have been inseparable for over thirty-six years and although I am literally across the country, I am still part of the pack.

The bond women share as friends is something that is truly magnificent. At least I can speak of not only my best friends from childhood but all the other wonderful women that are part of that same title I have bonded with along the way. These women have been a part of my life through thick and thin and have been there without judgment but with encouragement. I can honestly say that I am a better woman and mother thanks to the women that have surrounded me. This may not be the true case for every woman out there but for me, I have only admiration and love for all the women that have been and still are a part of my life. We have shared many, many laughs and a few tears and while there have been tragic moments in all our lives, the happy memories definitely surpass the pain and disappointments.

Having three beautiful daughters, I wish that they are each other’s best friends and never let anything come between them. I also wish that they each have that additional special girlfriend whom they can share secrets with and lots of unforgettable memories like the ones I shared with my girlfriends. I will forever cherish all these amazing memories and experiences I had surrounded by magnificent women. So if you have a girlfriend out there whom you haven’t seen or touch-based with in a while, just give her a call and make her day. You wouldn’t imagine how your voice could make the other person smile and reminisce about the good memories. For me, they all put a smile on my face and many are my source of laughter especially on those rough days of motherhood. Life is always better with a girlfriend by your side!

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