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Chromotherapy: Color for your Soul

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Chromotherapy: Color for your Soul


My love for infrared saunas and therapeutic sweats are well documented. I recently added yet another layer to this experience and it definitely takes it to the next level. It’s chromotherapy; AKA color therapy….simple, effective and widely-underutilized. Up until now my knowledge of color therapy centered around modern interpretations of art.

Essentially a therapy used through some sort of medium; i.e. paint, makeup, crayons etc. The concept of submerging yourself into light for therapeutic benefit was mind blowing, yet it made perfect sense. My experience started at Organic Sweat Shack in Newhall, Ca. The vibe is calm, centered and subdued all things a great sweat house should be. Each red cedar sauna is made for just one person, personalizing the experience and allowing for greater intimacy during your healing time. You may be focused on detox and weight loss, or possibly seeking relief from illness, malaise, or pain.

Whatever your reasons for seeking out a sweat, the infrared space allows the body to increase core temperature setting off a chain reaction of relaxation and restoration. What follows next is what separates Organic Sweat Shack from most other sweat houses; customized sweat experiences that utilize both aromatherapy and chromotherapy to elevate your sweat into something truly special. An extensive list of “sweats” expertly combine essential oils with specific color to combat fatigue, boost immunity, aid in relaxation, or complement healing.

The high-quality oils are diffused within your sauna and stay with you throughout your sweat. A unique lighting panel overhead offers different lighting that drenches your body and mind with vivid color. You are immersed not only into the space of the sauna but in a total experience where physical relaxation and mediation happen naturally.

I am a big believer in the power of the mind and even the best services are only as effective as you allow them to be. Sometimes, we need help to mentally unplug and create a complete and soothing ambiance; Organic Sweat Shack helps make that happen.

If you’re in the Santa Clarita area come check them out: http://www.organicsweatshack.com/

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