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Sephora vs Ulta

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Sephora vs Ulta

Mayweather’s recent boxing match left little to the imagination when it came to choosing sides. Everyone I asked felt very strongly about the fight and who they were certain would win. Not all competitors draw such fierce loyalty especially with beauty brands. I myself have shared that I play the field with many skincare and makeup brands making their rounds on my vanity. When it comes to the greats there’s still one debate that could go on for decades. Who wins the title of best beauty retailor, Sephora or Ulta? Just the fact that both brands have been around now for some time and continue to grow speaks volumes about consumerism. We love our beauty products, so much so that we can sustain two super ultra-mega ginormous retailors and still there’s more pie to go around.

Most women ages 15+ will very confidently tell you which of the two they prefer if asked. I myself have a deep love for both; they’re like having solid parents that want nothing but the best for you. Each has similar goals and approach, yet they still show their unique identities. Asking me to choose one would be like asking if I love my Mom or Dad more. I simply can’t do it. Objectively speaking however, they still have their pros and cons, for example:

Appearance: I’m not sure what the intended vision behind their branding is supposed to be but Sephora conjures up New York City chic, very modern, upscale, and trendy. Ulta gives me more of a traditional department store vibe when department stores were in their heyday, the natural light and organic color scheme is inviting, unintimidating and casual.

Rewards Program: Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program pays you back in a multitude of ways. A free Birthday gift that changes every year (and yes, sooo worth it) tiered gifts based on points, free beauty classes/makeover offers, exclusive events, shipping offers and more. What really sets this program apart are the status levels they award you that ACTUALLY hold value. They don’t award every Tom, Dick and Harry the prestige of being a Rouge member. You gotta work for it and once you’re there they make it worth your while to stay. Ulta’s Ultimate Rewards Program is streamlined and easy to understand.

Double points and a free Birthday gift, bonus points on select purchases and a Platinum status that’s much easier to obtain. The points convert to cash back that can be used on purchases, super simple and easy to use.

Product Selection: Ulta offers a great selection of both top quality department store brands as well as drugstore brands. If you’re’ looking for a one stop shop where you can get pick up some Maybelline Great Lash and Estee Lauder serum…you’re in luck. Sephora exclusively deals in high-end, luxury brands as well as department store favs.

The great thing about buying at Sephora, it’s hard to go wrong as every brand featured has been vetted to offer amazing quality.

Whatever avenue you choose, if you utilize all the benefits and customer service offered you’re bound to find you’re new favorite product and discover breakthrough beauty lines that will keep you looking you’re best.

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