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Drink to your Health

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Drink to Your Health


Anytime I travel I like bringing back products that are unique to the area. One of my favorite items to bring back are regional spirits. I do a pretty good job at figuring out what is truly one of a kind and what import can easily picked up at my local Bevmo and therefore not worth the customs. On my trip to Phuket, Thailand I visited a local honey farm that had the most extensive array of bee derived products I have ever seen. Each category from skincare to food to medicine exploited every facet of honey production and left no stone unturned.

The beverage section included not only sodas and waters and kid’s drinks featuring honey but alcoholic beverages touting alluring taglines like “the world’s oldest health drink.” One thing you should remember is that any remarkable claims made overseas is to be taken with a grain of salt. An alcohol beverage aptly named “Honey Mead” is boasting health supporting qualities up the ying yang that if sold in the US would create a class action lawsuit so profound it would make the law books. I was intrigued for many reasons…first off because I have never actually seen “mead” before and my only reference was medieval books and movies where the sweet, syrupy looking concoction looked primeval and actually sort of tasty.

The fact that I could buy “mead” in what looked like beer bottle with health claims from here to Singapore was all I needed to know. As I did a little research I found out that “mead” by definition is made from honey so naming it “Honey Mead” is redundant but forgiven as the honey mention sold me into expecting a sweet, delicious brew unlike anything I’ve ever tried. As far as the outrageous health claims of helping with insomnia, migraines, arthritis, allergies, skin issues, inflammation and much more; I couldn’t find any literate backing up that claim so vehemently made by our tour guide.

My thoughts upon purchase…it’s alcohol, and most likely a tasty one at that so yes, the benefits are simply a damn good time so that’s enough for me. As far as the taste goes, I was disappointed to learn that it’s not quite as sweet as I’d hope. There was an acidic and fermented quality to it somewhat like a mild vinegar or kombucha. The alcohol taste came afterwards, with a very slight bitter finish. It tasted almost like one of those crazy, seasonal craft beers that strive to taste like gingerbread cookies but just taste like regular beer with a cuter label. Even if I wanted to buy more I wouldn’t be able to and frankly I’m not that disappointed.

I’m definitely glad I tried it as the idea of sipping on some mead by the fire is very Daenerys Targaryen and I was totally feeling the brooding vibe. While doing my research I found out that homemade mead brewing is actually a thing…maybe I should make new friends with a flair for distillery.

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