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PTR Pink Bombshell Lip Balm

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It’s not because of the amazing name, trust me. Peter Thomas Roth sure created one killer lip balm when we he unleased this product. The fact that its name includes both “pink” and “bombshell” is purely coincidental, yet whenever you combine those two words magic does tend to happen. The first thing you’ll notice about this balm is the beautiful, unique, almost holographic looking shade of pink that adds as much indulgence as the application.

It is thick enough to stay put but smooth and creamy and glides on effortlessly to create both contour and definition as no lip balm can. Typically assigned to glosses and treatments, any product designed to create supple lips so kissable that there’s an illusion of plumpness rarely coincides with a vitamin packed balm made to treat lackluster lips.

This lip product delivers a serious dose of sexiness with just the slightest, almost invisible shade of pink. The results are stunning, now if only it was available with an applicator for on-the-go…your lip game would be on point 24/7


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