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Glam Goddess Status with the Perfect Nude Lip

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Glam Goddess Status with the Perfect Nude Lip


As much as I love makeup I have a little color phobia. While I can appreciate and admire others when they rock a vivid red lip, blazing teal liner, or a knockout coral on their cheeks I don’t typically choose these color schemes for myself. I have a very specific look; it’s a little bombshell, a little glam and a whole lotta sexy.

I’m talking matte foundation with a natural contour and light pink cheeks, defined brows with a high arch, smoky, heavily lined eyes with major lashes and the most important part…the plump, nude lip. You’d think finding a product to mimic the natural would be easy, but it has literally taken me years to find “the one” that flatters me and conveys the look I’m going for. You, see with my skin tone most traditional nudes wash me out, too much brown, ruddiness, even gold undertones make me look unflattering. The best nudes have the slightest tinge of pink or peach, just enough to where you don’t notice upon application but enough to pull out the rosiness of your natural flushed lips and pull the look together. Pink is my color, and finding a soft, baby doll pink has never been the issue; finding the perfect nude has eluded me until now.

Enter Charlotte Tilbury, the sought-after UK brand that checks off every major requirement that must be considered to be ultra-luxe. Beautifully gilded packaging…check, high color payoff in every shadow, liner, brow and face product…check, high-quality cosmetics in a complete, fully thought out line…check, check, check. One day while online shopping Charlotte’s site a specific lipstick caught my eye; a lipstick cloyingly named Kim K.W. Kardashian politics aside; Kim’s makeup style is very much mine as well, specifically her version of the nude lip, so while the jury is out whether Kim actually uses a version like this or if it was simply inspired by her I was drawn to the nude shade with just a hint of beautiful pink…SOLD! Once in my bag I was prompted to pair my purchase with a lipliner called Pillow Talk…not a tough sell since a great lipliner is essential. When I first used it, I started with the liner-creamy, just the right amount of matte, glided on like a dream but somehow had serious staying power.

The best part; the color was so natural, so perfect that it gave me license to contour and line slightly outside my natural line to mimic fuller lips, that can’t be done with just any pencil as coloring outside your line leads to that dreaded thug life look. Impressed, I swiped on my lipstick and that’s when the magic happened. The formulation was perfect, not too silky not too dry; it felt amazing on my lips and never settled into creases.

The color! OMG the color…I had found it the PERFECT nude; yes, it was nude but there was something else there, pink, peach, a warmness that elevated the nude just enough to give it life. My search was over, and I’ve never looked back since. I’ve officially found my go-to liner and lipstick combo and while I may stray for an evening or two with some ruby lips I’ve said my vows to Charlotte Tilbury and I plan on sitting in my rocking chair with a tube of Kim K. W. and Pillow Talk for the rest of eternity.

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