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Luv2play? Why yes, I’d love to!

Indoor Playground, Luv2play, lake forest

Luv2play? Why yes, I’d love to!

There is this amazing indoor kids playground in Lake Forest, California that is just heaven for the kids. I was fortunate enough to meet the owner, Mitchell at a Discovery Cube event which came at the most opportune time as I was looking for a place to host my daughters birthday party.  Mitchell and his wife invited a group of moms and their kids to try out the place and see if it was a great fit for our party. Needless say, all the kids left the location extremely happy and excited to have the party there.

I had over 40 kids come to the party and their parents and everyone had an amazing time. There is an area reserved for toddlers and another for little babies, while the rest of the location can be ejoyed by all kids and parents as well. Parents were sliding down these fast slides laughing all the way down. And kids were just running and playing in every single area of this great indoor play area.

If you’re looking for a place that offers great food for the kiddos, a variety of different play areas including kinetic sand stations, trampolines, slides, games, a climbing wall and many more than  luv2play is the place for you. They have several locations throughout; just look them up. Take it from me, every single child is still talking about the party and how much fun they had. It is so great when you have a clean and fun indoor playground to go to that allows the kids to have great time and the parents to relax and just watched the little ones enjoy themselves. If you’re ever near an area close to Luv2play take the opportunity to go in and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

To learn more click here : Luv2play


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