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NARS Orgasm Blush

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NARS Orgasm Blush

Like any area of study there are specifics tenants that define that particular topic and become the foundation for all new information. For true beauty junkies; one of these foundational topics is a pinky-peachy blush that goes by the unsuspecting name…orgasm. NARS created the shade to mimic the natural flush of a woman’s cheek right after an intense bedroom romp. A genius marketing tactic as we have to admit the American mind goes nuts at the near mention of sex, celebrity gossip and the Clinton Administration. With a name like that backed by a company as reputable as NARS it was born to become a cult classic but does the color actually flatter? Short answer-yes, it has looked great on many skin tones from personal experience so there really is something magical there after all.

My go-to cheek color is always pink, a light baby pink to be exact. I attribute this to my Peter Pan complex of thinking I still look like an innocent, young doll. It’s laughable really; especially at my current state of overall dishevelment but habits die hard. I hardly ever choose a shade with any hint of orange as it takes me back to my Mom’s 1980’s makeup bag and horror ensures. NARS blush in orgasm has this strange combination of both shades that has become my exception. It’s not quite pink, not quite orange, looks great with a bronzer or without, it just…works. The wear is incredible and the buildability what you would expect from a brand like NARS. They’ve capitalized on their success by adding lip gloss, an illuminator and multi-stick to the orgasm collection (calling it the NARSissist collection, haha; to-shay) but the truth is nothing compares to the original. I compel you to try it if you haven’t, at least once because the way it accentuates your cheekbones you’d swear it was customized. BTW…they do have a spin on the original called super orgasm…get it while you can girls, and the blush is not bad either 😉

Find the original shade and more favorites mentioned click here:  NARS


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