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Chinese Foot Reflexology

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Chinese Foot Reflexology

A recent layover in Hong Kong left little time for leisure, however I did manage to squeeze in a fantastic foot reflexology session in between gorging on Dim Sum. Where else than China can you get the real deal foot reflexology so misunderstood and underutilized in the States? To briefly introduce foot reflexology, it is essentially the trained manipulation of specific trigger points that correspond to certain areas of the body- thus alleviating issues or stimulating healing within these areas.

Like most who seek treatment using Eastern modalities I do believe it’s a two-way street. You have to help the process out by sending out positive vibes and tackling the issue on many fronts. It’s not a cure all but it can most certainly help. As I step off my soap box let me tell you a bit about my experience; having been treated both in the US and in China (that’s really cool that I can write that now) I can tell you that it’s a whole new level of experience when done overseas. Not to worry, finding a good, local foot reflexologist is very much possible; it just takes time to separate the good ones from the great ones.

To begin, it starts out very much like a regular foot massage at any spa, a comfortable chair, dim lighting, some warm tea and relaxation. Then things get weird, there’s pulling, tugging, pressing, kneading and manipulating not to the point of discomfort but it is most definitely focused and purposeful. The language barrier did not allow for a thorough evaluation of my concerns but based on the chart I was able to point out that downtown Hong Kong had left me with some serious sinus issues and I felt a bit sluggish in the immune department from my traveling and jet lag.

My technician prodded the ball of my foot until she found the right spot and applied direct, intense pressure for what felt like a prolonged period of time. Once released, I did feel a new level of relaxation sweep over me while feeling noticeably lighter and less tense. It’s no exaggeration when I say that it gave me a second wind and I breezed through the rest of my day light footed and energized. If you are ever in Hong Kong and you have zero time for any sightseeing I implore you to stop everything, delay your flight and find the nearest Tim Ho Wan location and order the BBQ pork buns…maybe several. If then you find yourself with extra time check out the nearest foot reflexology place for a little break…while you build up an appetite for more buns of course.



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