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RXBAR: A Protein Source to Fuel your Workout

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RXBAR: A Protein Source to Fuel your Workout


In my exercise heyday I’d complete a grueling 90-minute workout; heavy on the weights; easy on the cardio and be legitimately hungry for some replenishing protein afterwards. I still have the same habits- minus the workout and nowadays my protein bars look, smell and taste more like candy bars than functional eats. I’ve started to slowly venture back into the fitness scene and I decided it’s a good time to re-vamp my protein bar consumption while I’m at it. RXBAR creates a variety of tasty protein bars with minimal ingredients that taste good and keep you fueled.

Instead of whey or plant based protein their base is made from pure egg whites. Additional, whole food ingredients are combined like nuts, dates, spices, natural sweeteners like maple syrup and sometimes fruit. The texture is still the dense, chewy, taffy-like feel you’ve grown to expect from protein bars but taste wise it makes up for this because it’s clean, with no after taste or artificial flavors or colors. Packing in a good dose of protein in every bar, (12 grams) some fiber (3 grams) and around 220 calories, this bar; nutritionally speaking stands up against most others.

What sets this brand apart is its innovative use of egg whites as its base and the clean, whole foods, all-natural ingredient list. If you’re wondering about the use of egg in a shelf stable protein bar-don’t because you can’t taste or smell any hint of egg whatsoever.  Ultimately, RXBAR is an all-around, solid pick for those supplementing their diet or those focused on protein consumption. As a bonus, some of the flavors are Whole30 approved so you know you’re getting a clean, natural protein source in convenient, portable sizes.


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