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Stitch Fix: Brilliance in a Box

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Stich Fix: Brilliance in a Box


I feel capable of putting together a makeup look for any occasion and my skincare routine is legit. My fashion sense however; well, it’s less than stellar. My blog partner, Corinne is fabulous at putting together the right outfit for any occasion; meanwhile my 30-year-old self is stuffing my thick thighs into a velour Juicy Couture track suit to meet with my kid’s teacher. In an effort to dress better I knew I needed help-enter Stich Fix; the answer to (most) of my dire fashion problems. You start by answering several questions about yourself and your idea of style, they are thorough, asking about which body parts you love to flaunt and which you prefer to remain anonymous. They ask about colors, textures, budget, everything.

You are then paired with a stylist who selects 5 pieces ranging from dresses, shoes, jewelry, tops, bottoms, jackets or sets and ships them to you for you to try them out. You can keep one, all or none of the pieces and send whatever you don’t want back in the pre-paid envelope. You can easily exchange a piece if it doesn’t quite fit although they are pretty spot on with sizing. Enclosed are outfit cards, they are tear-apart, visually interesting how-tos incorporating your new items with items in your closet to make the whole process really easy. You give feedback after every shipment to allow your stylist to better understand your goals and taste and as time goes on, you develop a stylish closet full of custom pieces that flatter your body and look fantastic together.

The items vary in price although I’d say they were average to high-average in terms of price tag. The styling fee is $20 and it is credited back to you if you decide to keep any of the pieces. I chose Stich Fix because I needed to think outside my comfort zone and have someone else select pieces that I wouldn’t normally choose for myself. Anytime I enter a store for say; business attire I get side tracked by the nearest glitter, spandex, sequined anything and end up purchasing enough yoga pants, crop tops, bedazzled jackets and padded bras to outfit the Pussycat Dolls on their next world tour. I needed help and Stich Fix came to my rescue. So far, I’m impressed.

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