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Podiatry be damned…A case for mile-high heels

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Podiatry be damned…A case for mile-high heels


I have an exceptionally foot high arch and am no longer 20; by default, you will find me in Nikes, Uggs or Havaianas but sometimes I just want to feel supremely sexy. That’s where heels come into play and not just any heels- stilettos preferably in a racy color encrusted with hundreds of crystals as seen here. What comes to mind when you see a pair of shoes like these? For me it conveys femininity, beauty, elegance, sexiness, sultriness and that’s before I pair it will a killer, curve hugging dress. Don’t get me wrong, my closet is more Carmela Soprano than Carrie Bradshaw, but all ladies need a small dose of reckless sexy in their lives.

Heels elongate the legs and lift everything to give your style that “extra” it needs sometimes. Now, I wish I was one of those women who can wear heels on the regular, but I just can’t. I’ve heard from physicians, physical therapist and just about any women over 50 that heel abuse is real and its effects brutal. Sometimes, however you find a pair of showstoppers and common sense goes out the window; as it should from time to time. These are my favorite pair (as of right now) but like a middle-aged crisis I’ve got my eye out for something better, badder and sexier should it cross my path. I bought these babies in Las Vegas, where else? This pair of heels had glitz and glam written all over them and while red is not traditionally my color of choice I just couldn’t look away. would loooooove to see what your signature heels look like….post a pic below!



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