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Don’t Fear the Black Liquid Eyeliner: Tips and Tricks

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Don’t Fear the Black Liquid Eyeliner: Tips and Tricks

Most beauty junkies have their signature “thing.” Kim’s got her contour, Brigitte’s got her nude lips and I’ve got my black liquid eyeliner. I recently wrote about my distrust of traditional pencil eyeliners, how I hate eye makeup not because I can’t appreciate it but I simply don’t have the eyes to do a smoky eye justice. I do take pride in one thing though, my liquid liner…it’s on point…always. You see, while most girls avoid the liquid at all costs or wait until they’ve mastered the basics it was the first thing I learned. No, I wasn’t a makeup prodigy as my high school attempts were shaky, uneven and basically a disaster. It became my look over time, often I’d go sans foundation or maybe just a swipe of lip gloss but without fail I’d always have my black liquid liner on fleek. There’s no good way to learn other than practice, but here are the basics from my experience to you:

  • Black liquid liner needs to be replaced often, as the wet environment is a hotbed for bacteria. With that said no need to invest if you’re just rocking it for every day. However, special occasions warrant a good quality waterproof version to last through the night.
  • Liquid liner should be applied OVER eyeshadow and OVER lash glue. Now, before I get hate mail from every MAC artist from here to Jersey let me tell you that lash glue is messy; applying liquid over the DRY glue line seals it in and perfects the look. Just try it!
  • Please, please please for the love of God stop tugging at the corner of your eye to apply eye makeup. For one, if my sorry, sad, small eyes can be lined effectively without stretching them like spandex yours can too. Don’t believe me…of all the cosmetic procedures I have done, NONE concern my eyes, I have zero lines, yes, zero. Don’t believe me I’ll meet you at a Starbucks and show you. Good genes…meh…taking delicate care of my eye area. YES!
  • Last but not least, this is imperative; line your eyes on one swipe. I know it’s hard and I know it’s scary but hesitation is the cornerstone of all makeup blunders. When you question the power of the line it retaliates by looking as wonky as humanly possible. Not a fast swipe, just a controlled, steady, confident swipe will do the trick…every time.

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