Flying High On Silks

Flying High On Silks

To feel free and liberated as your body swings from side to side, at times inverted as to view the world from a different perspective is exactly how you will feel in Aerial Yoga. During my years as a fitness instructor, I never taught yoga but I definitely respected the form especially when it was suspended from silks. I was, however, a pole dance teacher and my body would swing, invert and suspend from that pole. So, it was only natural to bring the beauty of Aerial Yoga into our studio and show our clients this beautiful art form.

Our instructor was once my pole student and now was this amazing yoga silks instructor. To see how her body moved in those silks was to view a Cirque de Soleil act. Absolutely flawless and precise yet delicate and graceful. But this fitness form is not only beautiful it is also beneficial for you. Imagine all the wonderful benefits of yoga but even more. It allows you to stretch in a way you may not have been able to without the help of this hammock.  It increases flexibility, muscle tone, circulation and may even help people suffering from back problems.  This is truly a remarkable form of exercise that people should at least try once. Keep in mind that people with heart problems, glaucoma or spinal issues should probably consult a doctor or avoid aerial yoga altogether.

This was my first attempt at silks. It definitely wasn’t a flawless nor beautiful trial but it was definitely fun and addictive.







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