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Function of Beauty: A Review

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Function of Beauty


Customized shampoo and conditioner, is this really necessary? I’d say YES! At least if your hair is part of your signature look. Let’s be real, there are a lot of drugstore hair products that do a good job, their purpose is to clean and moisturize your hair…period. In the past I’ve been hesitant to spend a lot of dough on shampoo and conditioner and prefer to invest on styling or treatment products because how important could something be that’s only on your body for 2-3 minutes?

I now have hair that requires serious maintenance, so I’ve felt the pressure to up my hair game, starting with the basics i.e. shampoo and conditioner. Function of beauty was recommended to me by a friend and any purchase that starts with “tell us more about you” tends to catch my attention. I mean for one, I’m my favorite topic (don’t blame me I’m a Leo, it’s in the stars) and two; whether their algorithm is legit or not I feel that if a product takes the time to know me it will work better.

After answering questions about my hair type, styling habits, hair goals etc. I got to help in the “design” of my products.  I chose the fragrance, color, size and name for my finished product, I felt like I was creating a one of a kind private label brand. I understand logically that even with the nice selection of colors, fragrance and formulations eventually through sheer probability a lot of users with ultimately create “my custom formula” but will any of them give them the ultra-cool name of “bombshell”, maybe only a few dozen.

I got my box in the mail, beautifully packaged with the “bombshell” namesake beckoning me. I used the shampoo and conditioner, one tinted a beautiful baby pink and the other a pretty pastel lilac. The shampoo was rich, creamy and lathered nicely while the conditioner was creamy and thick but rinsed clean. My hair was noticeably shiner, softer and more vibrant, similar to if not better than professional brands. It was worth the price just for the performance alone; the extra personalization…a nice touch.

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