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Me and MAC…An Epic Love Story

Me and MAC…An Epic Love Story   I have older cousins who, back in the day, I’d take my style references from. The tenants of makeup and fashion were passed down from generation to generation through subtle observations of “how to rock pleather pants, why tracksuits are appropriate for any occasion and most importantly; how …

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Beauty Rescue SOS: Dry Shampoo

Beauty Rescue SOS: Dry Shampoo   I really don’t know how I functioned before dry shampoo became a thing. Like a water loathing cat, I’m not an everyday washer, it’s just not an option with 25’ extensions and bleached hair. My options were either beautifully voluminous freshly washed hair, sorta gross, grungy flatness or the …

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The Conscious Life Expo

The Conscious Life Expo World-renowned psychics, UFO lecturers, water vibration for health, Shamanic healing, crystals and sound baths galore…this is just a fraction of what we encountered this past weekend as we covered The Conscious Life Expo LA.  Perhaps we ventured a bit far from our usual lipstick laden conventions filled with selfie booths and …