Pound It and Work It. How Drumming Can Get You Fit.

Pound It and Work It. How Drumming Can Get You Fit.

I remember the first time I saw a Pound class, I had just walked into Crunch fitness in West Hollywood to accompany my boss (at the time) on a tour and I was mesmerized by the sound and energy inside the class. I had never seen anything like it, it was fun, loud and in sync. Everyone was making great music together while getting their work on. They were jumping, squatting, planking and pounding their florescent green Ripstix® drumsticks together in harmony.  I immediately turned to my boss and begged her to showcase it in her gym to which she quickly declined. She insisted that it was not a style of fitness that her members were used to or would be willing to take. I personally beg-to-differ but then again, I was the crazy Miami girl that was teaching pole and striptease classes… I always loved the things that are a little “different.”

I was so blown away by this class but so highly disappointed that I could find a studio close to my home that had it on their schedule. Apparently, the class was brand new and since Crunch fitness is that fitness club that introduces the hottest new fitness trends before anyone else (which is why I LOVE Crunch) that was the only gym offering the class. But during my research, I also discovered that the two lady creators of Pound would be hosting their first certification workshop. So, you guessed it, I signed up and much to my surprise so did my boss. I was also pregnant with my first daughter but I was able to keep up with the choreography and I received my certification by the end of the day.

We put the class on the schedule and it quickly got filled up. The members loved the unique style and conditioning achieved by the diverse exercises. You were having a blast but also getting a tremendous workout. It was really one of my favorite classes to teach and it had an amazing following. Fast forward a few years and Pound Fit has over 10,000 instructors and classes over 40 countries….talk about a movement. I knew from the moment I walked into Crunch that Pound was going to be huge but they have truly surpassed my expectations. I am just lucky to have been a part of the beginning stages of Movement Musicians and Fitness Rebels.

To find out more about this great class, check out their story and find a class at https://poundfit.com/

clicking on the link above will redirect you to Pound Fit site. 


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