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The Conscious Life Expo

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The Conscious Life Expo

World-renowned psychics, UFO lecturers, water vibration for health, Shamanic healing, crystals and sound baths galore…this is just a fraction of what we encountered this past weekend as we covered The Conscious Life Expo LA.  Perhaps we ventured a bit far from our usual lipstick laden conventions filled with selfie booths and glitter galore. However, as an ode to complete wellness we were drawn to the alternative methodologies showcased that just might be that extra piece we need to be healthy…in body, mind AND spirit.

The convention took place at the LAX Hilton, a bustling three levels of lecture panels, workshops, booths and demos all touting newfound techniques and centuries’ old wisdom condensed down into every alternative modality you can imagine. Vendors showcasing hundreds of energy filled crystals, alkaline water systems and organic yoga wear were some of the more conventional items we found. On the flip side, some booths delved into more controversial methods of healing and offered up testimonials and faith-backed findings which allowed for a smorgasbord of new knowledge at your fingertips.

Even if you have very little experience with the conscious mind and healing energies, I’m sure most of us just want to be more connected, focused and develop a positive mindset.  With a little exploration, you’ll find someone you can connect with, whose positive vibe is undeniable. The energy was definitely flowing and if you immerse yourself you’d find that with a little faith you just might find the answers you seek. Not everything presented is everyone’s cup of tea, but a little enlightenment and spirituality never hurt anyone.

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