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Amazing Interview with Dr. Lisa K. The Intuition Expert

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There are times when you meet someone who just blows you away with their experience and expertise and that was the case when Opal and I met Dr. Lisa K at the Conscious Mind Expo in Los Angeles. Let me give you a little information on Dr. Lisa so that you can better understand why we were so excited to interview her. Dr. Lisa K. is an Intuition expert, public speaker, teacher, author and radio show host. Her books, “Intuition on Demand” and “Grow Your Spiritual Business – How to Start and Build Your Spiritual Business in the Internet Age” are highly sought after and her radio show  “Between Heaven and Earth” has quite a following.  She also holds degrees in science, engineering, metaphysics and is certified in many energy healing modalities and intuitive arts. You can discover the vast list of certifications and accreditations on her personal website:

Now, let’s move on into Intuition…what is intuition? According to dictionaries, Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

How does Lisa tie into this and how can she help you? Here is an excerpt from Lisa’s website to better describe what her expertise will do for you.

I can give you the answers that I know work because I did it myself. I started from scratch, feeling like I had no idea what intuition was, or if I even had intuition.

I developed my intuition to the point where I used my intuition to become a popular sold out intuitive reader, and one day even save my life. (you can hear the story in my interview on WHUD radio below)

With your intuition you can:

  • Always move in the right direction, make the right choice instantly without hours or days of pondering.
  • Have your intuition work for you on demand and a confident knowing.
  • Be able to choose the best options in your business, social, and love life.
  • Never again miss out on those golden opportunities that seem like luck.
  • Always know which way to go, which is the best decision to make.
  • Increase synchronicities in your life: discover amazing people, situations and circumstances.
  • and yes… if you need to, you might use it to save your life.

Developing your intuition allows you to take charge of your future and go through each day with security and confidence!

Change your life by having a strong, accurate and reliable intuition that is under your control.

With that said, I truly believe it was Opal & my intuition that lead us to Lisa. We looked through the Conscious Mind expo booklet of speakers and she was the one person that stood out for both of us. It was as though she had something to say to us that would enlighten us in the path as bloggers.

Stay tuned for our video interview with Dr. Lisa K where she answers our most pressing Intuition questions.

To find more information on Dr. Lisa K or to purchase her books, please visit:

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