Me and MAC…An Epic Love Story

Me and MAC…An Epic Love Story

Me and MAC…An Epic Love Story


I have older cousins who, back in the day, I’d take my style references from. The tenants of makeup and fashion were passed down from generation to generation through subtle observations of “how to rock pleather pants, why tracksuits are appropriate for any occasion and most importantly; how to obliterate any trace of natural skin with a healthy dose of Mac Studio Fix Foundation.” I’d watch them emerge from the bathroom with flawless skin, defined brows, precise eyeliner, lashes out to the sky and pouty pink lips and I’d think to myself “that’s life goals- when I grow up, I’m getting a kick ass condo, a fancy Pomeranian and a makeup bag FULL of the best MAC products has to offer.”

Fast forward to now, ok I didn’t get the fabulous single girl condo, I got a conceited Persian cat instead of a fluffy dog but the MAC…oh the MAC that habit did remain, and it’s been going strong for over a decade. My cousin, Jackie gifted me my first MAC piece…a Lip Glass in a sultry pink shade called Underage. I treasured that Lip Glass; it was my badge of honor; proof that I had been indoctrinated into an exclusive society of all things chic and sophisticated. From then on MAC was what I aspired to own. I’d painstakingly amass my collection piece by piece, remembering my firsts like Shroom, Vanilla, and Spice…a one of a kind creation that was solidified when my favorite cousin Jessica; who in my 15-year-old eyes was a true fashion icon; realized we wore the same shade of foundation.

She took me to the mall and bought me a brand-new Studio Fix Powder and Foundation in NC35 after noticing me admire her makeup pouch full of MAC. While some families pass down time honored recipes or host annual reunions…my estrogen fueled, matriarch run clan subtly introduced MAC; I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’d talk about the impressive formulation of MAC Cosmetics, how their pigment is incomparable; their collections fierce, their name held in high regard on the lips of any makeup artist on the planet; but I’m sure most people already know that. For me, MAC is bigger than that; it defines a legacy of strong, stylish, capable women who pass down what they know best…in my family it’s not Grandmas’ famous apple pie recipe that makes its rounds from mother to daughter or cousin to cousin; it’s MAC. Our family’s pearls of wisdom and life skills may come packaged in all black; but it’s what we do and what we know, so in a few years when I gift my teenage daughter her first frost lipstick or matte eye shadow its more than just makeup…its tradition…now,  how can you put a price on that?


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