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Natural Skincare at Diana Ralys Skin Health.

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It is always such a treat to attend an event and get to learn about a brand and company that shares your same values, that was the case when I attended the Conscious Expo in LA and discovered Diana Ralys Skin Health. Diana Ralys Skincare line is not only cruelty-free and free from parabens, fillers, synthetics, dyes, GMO, BPA, and alcohol but it is also infused by Reiki. This was something that really intrigued me to peruse their brand further. After glancing over their products, I was offered a demo by Kristina Vystartaite (brand executive of Diana Ralys brand) which I quickly accepted. From the moment that Kristina started to apply the products on my hand, I witness this rejuvenation happening right before my eyes. My skin looked hydrated and vibrant and felt so smooth and silky. By the time she finished applying all the products, my hand looked like it belonged to someone younger and healthier. It was really amazing and astonishing and the best part of this experience was that she was using products that were all natural.

A lot of people tend to be skeptical of natural products because they feel that they don’t offer the same results as those synthetic and lab-created ones but I beg to differ. The earth has provided us with amazing minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that provide real and long driven results. If you look through history books and ingredients that were used by goddesses, geishas, queens or aristocrats, you would see a list that consisted of things such as honey, olive oil, coconut oil, green tea, saffron, sea salt, aloe vera, almond oil, rose water…just to name a few. All of these products were naturally derived from our earth and were used by the richest people and historical figures.

Also, one must remember that our skin is our largest organ and everything that is rubbed onto our skin will immediately enter our bloodstream. Just thinking about this fact alone, would you rather have natural ingredients enter your bloodstream or ingredients genetically formulated in a lab? As for me, I go the mother earth route. Getting back to Diana Ralys Skin Health, as soon as I got home I went straight to their site to find out what exactly was inside their products and every ingredient was natural and harm-free! Here is a little insert from their site: “Our ingredients are sourced worldwide, through varying seasons and made in small batches. Please note that this may reflect in product’s consistency, scent, and color. This is to be expected when true natural ingredients are used without synthetic binders, harmful chemicals, and coloring.

Made in small batches to ensure quality. Hand poured and made with love. Infused with Reiki by Diana herself. “

I have to say that I really love everything about this brand and my hand felt smooth the entire day and night. My only regret is that I didn’t get the other hand done but maybe soon I will make my way to their Santa Monica spa and get the full body treatment.

For more information about this brand or their spa check out their site:


Diana Ralys Skin Health

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