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Natural Expo West & Engredea 2018

Natural, cruelty-free, vegan, organic expo

If you love natural products, brands and services then the Natural Expo West & Engredea event is definitely for you. I was truly in awe with the size of this event and the different speakers, lectures, keynotes, and social events that this expo had to offer. Opal and I were only able to attend one day of this 4-day event and we were only able to see 25% of what it offered. So many halls, brands and innovative products that I wish I was able to go back in time and do it all over again. This expo was greatly organized from their free shuttle from Angels Stadium to the Anaheim Convention Center to their phone app that navigated you around the buildings to easily find the brand or booth you were looking for.

I discovered so many new amazing vegan companies that have such great tasting products and I also got to taste great new products from brands that have been around for some time now. It was such a wonderful experience to see these large labels partake in the plant-based and vegan movement. I was also very excited to see many products for children that were all natural and organic. I know that as a parent I am always looking at labels to see if I can pronounce the ingredients and I am usually stuck with very few options. But after attending this event, I am really excited to know that I will have healthier options to provide for my children. If you also care about cleaning products that are all natural, you will also have a lot of selections to choose from. I can’t wait to share with you some of the exciting new products that we discovered when we do individual features on them. You will learn about edible utensils, vegan cookie dough, my new vegan food brand and many more…so stay tuned!

Seeing all these innovative products at the expo, I can assure you that this “Plant-based/Vegan” lifestyle is not a trend but a long-lasting way of life. We will become more compassionate and committed to eating healthier and becoming more conscious about animals welfare and the sustainability of our earth.

If you want more information on what this expo had to offer, check out their site


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