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Get your ZZZ’s on with Som Sleep

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Get your ZZZ’s on with Som Sleep


            Overworked, overstressed, running on empty, overly caffeinated etc. Unfortunately, this is what I hear when I ask most of my friends how they are doing. It’s no surprise either; with looming work deadlines, a long list of personal obligations and keeping the world populated there’s just not enough time in the day and sleep is often the first luxury to go. When you do finally have a chance to catch some ZZZ’s your mind is racing and you can’t seem to unwind…sound familiar? This scenario is all too common and sometimes a little help in the relaxation department is called for; but where do you start?

            Yes, there are an abundance of prescribed sleep aids designed to simply get the job done; using any means necessary. Nasty chemicals, potentially habit forming ingredients, etc. that just mask the symptoms and don’t address the cause of your restlessness. In some cases, this is what’s called for; and since I don’t have an M.D. behind my name I won’t tell you otherwise. For those of us, who could just use some light coaxing into dreamland there’s Som Sleep; I assure you it’s like nothing you’ve tried before. 

            Som Sleep is a dietary supplement designed to gently nudge you to relax and unwind to allow sleep to come naturally. This 8oz. drink comes in both regular and sugar free and while canned (so it can be nicely chilled), is surprisingly not carbonated. This formulation is completely drug free, relying instead on a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to help sleep come naturally. Some of its heavy hitters include a 100% RDV of Vitamin B6 and 40mg of Magnesium; both of which have been shown to help with relaxation and have a calming effect.  

            L-Theanine, GABA, and Melatonin round out this exclusive Som Sleep blend providing you with a more natural solution for sleep. Some other worthy mentions: it’s non-GMO, Allergen-free, Vegan, Gluten free and Dairy Free. You just drink a can 30 minutes before bedtime and the magic happens. The taste? Refreshing and subtlety sweet with no aftertaste and no bitterness. Did it work? A resounding yes; I tried Som Sleep for a week alternating flavors and while it didn’t make me pass out in a sleepy stupor as I dreaded it would I was happy to experience more of a gentle coaxing to lay down and rest. My mind is usually racing and while my body is tired I can never seem to get comfortable enough to allow sleep to happen without a fight. This is why Som Sleep was perfect for me; it allowed my body to do what it needed to by calming my mind enough and to put me in the mindset of sleep. I awoke each day with a clearer head and felt more refreshed, no grogginess whatsoever. Products like Som Sleep are great to have in your wellness arsenal; after all, in the quest for whole body health we could use all the help we can get.


* was not compensated for this review; a product sample was provided for us to try. All opinions our own. Topics discussed are no substitute for medical advice; and are not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Consult your doctor if you have specific sleep questions.

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